Iran Sports Ministry lauds weightlifting champion working as nurse


2023-12-23 13:34:37 Vice minister of Sports and Youths in a phone conversation appreciated the efforts made by Iranian weightlifting champion Pupak Basami who is now working as a nurse in fighting coronavirus pandemic.

Mahdi Alinejad described Basami as a source of pride for the sports society.

He added that the sports society has played important role in preventing and fighting COVID-19.

Alinejad expressed gratitude for Basami who is now fighting in another front.

Basami who had taken part in the 2019 IWF World Championships in Pattaya, Thailand, broke her national records and stood at the sixth place.

Participation of Basami and her teammates in the world contests had reaction worldwide as International Weightlifting Federation congratulated Iran for sending four female weightlifters to this year's world championships.

It was in 2017 that the Iranian Weightlifting Federation announced officially that female athletes are allowed to compete in the world contests. Now, after two years from the announcement, the Iranian women can make history at the IWF World Championships on September 18-27.

Basami also praised Iranian Sports and Youths Ministry support, saying she will continue her exercise after ending fight against coronavirus.


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